Tuesday, 9 April 2013

yeah we have a few bits now for sale!!!

good morning, This wasn't your usual 6am post because yesterday i had one small delivery so i thought instead of doing a early card i would let you know the blog candy has now started so get following me and leaving a comment...
as you know i was at hospital yesterday...All went well,
yes i have to have the operation but its not as bad as i was imagining, they go in through the side of the neck take out the disc that has been damaged by nerve then decide what they will insert in its place it will either be a cage to keep the spine open or a new disc, (depends on space between)
and that's it... hour and half im out of theatre, three days in hospital day before op day of op then day of rest and home,
do you know its awful what you imagine before being told lol.
op will be between June and august ......so that's that. i will be sorted soon,

sneak peak at what,s for sale in the shop

This is a great set of dies,3 in the packet and its called blossoms two,
together they produce flowers, you have the two decorative dies then the straight die.
you cut the die out them emboss, then you wind up one of the decorative dies from small end to large splay the petals out and a lovely flower has been produced, they all can be used for borders as is, I think the yellow picture looks a bit like fire so it could be fire border  they are very versatile, so worthy of any crafter. you can have lots of fun with these.

so that's one dies that's on site there are a few more, now i haven't had the full delivery of items yet one lot is due any day and the other delivery is due on Monday so keep popping over to take a look. i have some beautiful heartfelt creations dies with matching stamps on Monday they are to die for....

so pop over to the shop and click on a craft supplies link then click spellbinders you will see what's online for sale .
or click here .

another item in stock!

so pop over and i will see you all tomorrow with yet another card.....

ttfn xxxx

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