Wednesday, 17 April 2013

rain rain go away!

omg what is wrong with this weather? we have had in the past 24 hrs sun, gales,sandstorms lol, sleet and now rain,isnt it about time spring popped up now and stayed for a while?

well peeps i have just entered a card for a chance to become part of a design team . i cant show the card nor can i say which company,but its all exciting stuff. if
 Today's card is again flutterflies

i simply adore them for any occasion and this paper was screaming out to me ,
i have mellowed the background with micro beads as i wanted a soft look, the green on this card is the back of the butterfly paper which i thought contrasted quite well
i used soft cream card and used the aperture that was left after cutting the frame die out its from the shapeabilities Samantha walker die collection called antique frame and accents , its a stunning frame!
i used the middle part of the frame on reverse (green) to stamp my sentiment and added that to the centre
i made a huge bow with a dazzler and stuck that at the bottom of the frame

i think you can just about see the micro beads on the back ground here

the butterflies were cut again from the same card but i did not add micro beads to them as i wanted them to stand out against the back ground on the green stripe.

finished the card in the usual way faux pearls around the edge few gems under sentiment
think you can see the micro beads better now i raised the  butterflies up a bit to give dimension i don't like every thing stuck down flat .
the photo are not brilliant as the card was in cello ready to be packed off .
as soon as a card is dry i usually bag them to save them from getting dirty and dusty. and i had forgot to take the pictures before doing this.
hope you like todays cards
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take care 
TTfn xx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

blogger the pain!! vintage floret die and stamp beautiful!!!

ok blogger had decided to play up and has not been publishing my scheduled posts so just to update you all on what you have missed,
Blog candy is now up and running as i have had some of my deliveries turn up from america, the stock is now on site click here
we have some beautiful stamps from spellbinders heartfelt creations
we have some dies which are honestly to die for!!
and we have some stuff from ranger, craft spinners, glitters,blending tools etc. so pop over and have a gander,

i had been trying so hard for so long to purchase the dies on site but trying to source them in England had proved difficult, so i bit the bullet and went direct so i could bring them to you too.

so do make sure you visit the shop as i can tell you they have been selling quick! down to 2 or 3 left on most items now, im also selling them on eBay.

anyway did everyone have a good time at ally pally ? i could not get there as its been a mad week, i had my daughters 18th to contend with last weds and then we have been doing stuff to the house fitting a new kitchen, then i had the deliveries to sort and get on-line asap so my feet didn't touch the ground.

I will stop rambling and get on with today's card..... im using one of the new sets in store,
its the leafy heartfelt creations stamp and die to match called vintage floret frame
i love this set and i think its wonderful we can now get stamps and dies to match what a difference to cards it makes

this card was to showcase the stamp and die more than anything else, so its not OTT its just so,
you will see by the close ups in the next photos how beautiful this die is.

ok started with blank card then i pick some white card, i first stamped my leafty stamp vintage floret frame, using my perfect medium pad and sprinkled Ranger-embossing-powder-Ancient-Gold in colour and heat embossed it,
i then took my leafy die and matched it to the embossed frame 
i ran it through the cutting machine and i was left with this beautiful embossed frame,
i mounted the frame using foam pads onto my cream card i then mounted that onto white card stock and then finally on to gold card stock

i did emboss my gold card stock with a embossing folder but i felt i was covering so much of the gold card up it doesn't matter whether you did or didn't emboss it.
then just for extra sparkle as the embossing powder sparkles a bit i placed three gems on to the middle of the flowers added two butterflies from les papillion dies

i cut my sentiment out of my d-lite labels embossed it and used forest green distress ink to highlight.

i placed the sentiment half in and out of the centre of the frame i could have gone for a round sentiment but i wanted a flag style popping out.
i made a bow and stuck a dazzler gem on to the middle.added that to the bottom of the card.
used faux cosmic shimmer pearls around edge of card
i felt the bottom was a bit plain so i dotted random faux pearls around the bottom.
i also added a bit of the distress ink to the side of the plain white card.

the frame is beautiful and although its very detailed it falls out the the die very easy . i use wax paper so i have no difficulties removing any dies.

i hoping on this picture you can see the detail of the stamp and die as well as the sparkle of the embossing powder.
you can do so much with this set. and use it for any occasion.

i do hope you like the die and stamp,

remember blog candy comp is now running so sign up become a follower leave a comment and you could win some ranger goodies

see you all tomorrow

TTFN xxxx

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Delivery is here!!

Blogger never sent my two scheduled blogs dont know why but,they didnt go up. So sorry about that...
News today is my delivery has turned up so at we now have some stock...
We have some fantastic heartfelt creations dies (new) and stamps to match, we also have a range of ranger items so pop over you may find something you have been waiting for in store!!!
This is a card I made from my expendables die!!
Will show you how on monday!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

yeah we have a few bits now for sale!!!

good morning, This wasn't your usual 6am post because yesterday i had one small delivery so i thought instead of doing a early card i would let you know the blog candy has now started so get following me and leaving a comment...
as you know i was at hospital yesterday...All went well,
yes i have to have the operation but its not as bad as i was imagining, they go in through the side of the neck take out the disc that has been damaged by nerve then decide what they will insert in its place it will either be a cage to keep the spine open or a new disc, (depends on space between)
and that's it... hour and half im out of theatre, three days in hospital day before op day of op then day of rest and home,
do you know its awful what you imagine before being told lol.
op will be between June and august that's that. i will be sorted soon,

sneak peak at what,s for sale in the shop

This is a great set of dies,3 in the packet and its called blossoms two,
together they produce flowers, you have the two decorative dies then the straight die.
you cut the die out them emboss, then you wind up one of the decorative dies from small end to large splay the petals out and a lovely flower has been produced, they all can be used for borders as is, I think the yellow picture looks a bit like fire so it could be fire border  they are very versatile, so worthy of any crafter. you can have lots of fun with these.

so that's one dies that's on site there are a few more, now i haven't had the full delivery of items yet one lot is due any day and the other delivery is due on Monday so keep popping over to take a look. i have some beautiful heartfelt creations dies with matching stamps on Monday they are to die for....

so pop over to the shop and click on a craft supplies link then click spellbinders you will see what's online for sale .
or click here .

another item in stock!

so pop over and i will see you all tomorrow with yet another card.....

ttfn xxxx

Monday, 8 April 2013

Shop Update!!!

Items for the online Shop could be here by the end of the week. woohoo, so blog candy will start as soon as item are for sale. I will let you know when that is.

Ok no card today as im just about to go to hospital. Nothing serious lol if you read the blog you will know i trapped my nerve nearly two years ago and have been having trouble since.
so now after a mri scan the surgeon has decided that i will need op as the root to the C7 nerve is gone,
so im off to seen the neurosurgeon today, to find out about the op and to see when it will be!!! exciting!! im not sure whether i would call it that but we will see.

so thats it for today i will give you all a chance to catch up on the blog past posts have a nose around the my poll...
join me!
and pop over to the shop as new cards are now for sale.

take care see you all tomorrow

TTfn xxx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

a day of chance!!! so a short and sweet blog today, busy busy busy!!!!

I like this card its so simple but effective. I chose this card as I just found out my nephew and his partner are having another baby. He has a little boy who will be one in may and she has just found out she pregnant again. so it a cause for celebration.

blank card to start gold card taped on to blank card,faux pearls around edge and left to dry.

milk card and black card matted together and edges rounded off.
5 gems added on to black card.
found a die which had hole in it (cant find the packet so will tell you the name of it tomorrow unless anybody else knows . anyway i cut two of the squares out and added through the holes a banner which i stamped lets celebrate onto. i added a bow to finish.
it really was that easy.
i have heaps to do today so not a huge blog but have a look around the blog. visit my shop have a nose at my twitter, pop over to pinterest have a gander there.
do the poll.
leave a comment
join me and become a follower.

see lots to do here. while i am not

have a nice day
see you tomorrow folks
ttfn xxxx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

On your wedding day

ok I have moved away from my d-lites for a few days, Not that i have got bored but a change is as good as a rest.
this card my husband thought it was more like a sympathy card to a wedding card and i do think in one way he is correct. But i also think it can be a wedding card for someone more likely to have a church wedding see what you think.... its not one of my Favourites but it may be yours so let me know in the comments box below started with a blank card added faux pearls around edge and then mounted black card on it and added a gold peel off border around edge. i got my embossing folder and embossed milk card stock .the folder i used was M-Bossabilities Large Reverence folder. its a lovely folder with crosses on one side and a nice lily like flower on the reverse. once i did that i took my cross die and placed it on my milk embossed card were i wanted it .i ran it through the cutting machine and embossed. i didn't want the cross only the outline. I then found some nice paper and backed my open cross with it using foam pads to give raised effect. i added the bow and the wedding day sentiment to finish.

you can see here the cut out imaged slightly raised off the page 
so Im not sure if I like it, hubby says its for a funeral and my girls are holding out on the judgement so I guess my followers will have to tell me.

so its down to you !
please leave a comment below.
also have a go at my poll how many spellbinders. a poll is interesting tell you more about your fellow followers slightly. 

ttfn folks xxx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday and im feeling fine!!!!

Good morning to you all,
Its been beautiful in sunny Scotland for the last week so I decided to put some daffs on my window sills  at home, and so you didn't feel left out I also decided to put a vase on site, Although there are no flowers in this one..... Yet !!!

Again another beautiful die from the spellbinders D-lites range.
Im still loving them.

This card was a |D-lite to make the vase is such a pretty die. You get two dies in this packet you get the vase and the outline vase now. if you do just the vase you get this effect on you card. if you do the vase out line on its own you cut the shape of the vase if you do both together you get the total ornate cut out vase,
So as always blank card then I grabbed my milk card and measured the size I wanted I rounded my corners on this card as I wanted a softer look.
I then took the best embossing fold to date from couture creations (tied together). I love this folder its simple but elegant,
and ran my milk card through the grand calibur with the folder to emboss it i mounted that on to my blank card, added faux peals and left to dry.
I then took gold card stock again roundd my corners and mounted that on my embossed card. Now you can see in the picture i didnt emboss all the card i left a bit at the bottom for my sentiment.

I then got milk card again and just ran the ornate vase die through the machine and embossed it through to.
i mounted that on my gold card. Added a few pearl gems to the corners.
Now another D-lite die this is called ornamental tags one . again two dies in the packet but i only used the tag die and not the little bit in the middle,
i stamped a sentiment on card first then i lined the die over the sentiment so I got it straight, ran through the machine as normal to cut and emboss. then while the card was still in die i took my perfect medium pad and ran it all over the die to catch the areas that were left, I then took out of die and sprinkled clear embossing powder over ,shook off ,then using my heat gun dried the embossing powder.
You can just about see the shimmer on the tag left by the embossing powder, mounted the tag using foam pads at the bottom of the cards added pearl gem in the centre of the flower. that was it card done.

Im happy so much fun with these dies They are beautiful and they are a must for any spellbinder fan.

What do you think?

i would love to know if you have these dies and what you have created with them ?

Tomorrow i will do another card using them so make sure you pop back.
thats it for know folks

TTfn xxx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A new Follower!

good morning everyone and a special hello to my new follower Stephanie,

I have been trying to publicise the blog over late to try and get new followers so hopefully more will come,
My aim is to try and post a new card every day, so far so good!

Im also trying to keep people coming back everyday by offering the blog candy, ok its not started yet but as soon as the stock arrives for the shop then candy will roll.

There are so many blogs out there to do with cards, crafts , scrapbooking etc its a long haul keeping up, but what I have noticed is not every blog site is updated, like mine before Christmas last blog was October now if your not a daily blogger then there is no need to revisit that blog again as old news is boring lol so that's my challenge for myself this year new card everyday to keep folks coming back to me.
My next challenge is to get my followers to leave a comment. hopefully when the candy starts so will that!
I have been sitting here everyday writing this blog and it would be nice if someone if not a few of you would leave comments, just to let me know you are reading it for starters,
I dont mind good comments or bad, I cant please everyone in the cards I make.

Even if you have a question I will try and answer it. There are lots of new card crafters out there that don't know were to start, I will offer advise if you need it.

So come on folks don't be shy, leave a comment,  the more comments I get when the blog candy starts then I will be winging prizes away left right and centre lol

also you will notice a poll on the blog now this is just to see how many of you have spellbinders and how many I have over 50 packets I stopped counting last year lol but it would be good to know if spellbinder fans are looking at my blog so go on do the poll we may be surprised by how man use them.

The reason my stock is taking so long to get here is one its been Easter and two I have ordered direct from America, which takes 15/30 days for delivery so it could arrive this week or in the next few weeks. I will keep you all up to date on that.

Again im using my new spellbinders D-lite range, Im loving this second range and there are a lot of dies which can be used as a focal point like the Gates here, or the vase, and  flowers, etc . I think spellbinders have created a really special set with these,
This gate is really ornate the detail in it is superb, This card could be wedding christening moving home, silver anniversary. but I decided it was a birthday card.
Blank card to start.
measured my milk card and taped that down, I then took some silver card and ran it through the die cutting machine to emboss it using Couture Creations Constellation embossing folder. I then mounted that on my milk card stock and while i was doing the rest of the card i did my faux pearls so they had time to dry,
Then while that was drying i cut out my romantic rectangle largest size and embossed it mounted that on my silver card stock.
Now for the gates which is called Giled gate two .
But first a tip!
buy some wax paper. this helps with these intricate dies to release the card stock from the die. so you dont struggle. the sandwich is the same with your boards you just add the wax paper to the die first (Cutting side)   then your card stock, I have never had a die fall out so easy since using wax paper you can get it on eBay or Amazon.

Cut-Rite Wax Paper is the one I use.

now I did cut this die twice one on silver card stock and again on my milk card stock. I used the white one as my main die cut then I cut off bits of the silver one and over laid them on the white to give a two tone metal effect.
once I was happy with that design i glued it down onto my romantic rectangle die. I then just added a few pearl gems to the gates and stuck a happy birthday sentiment in the corner just to finish.
A simple but stylish card.
what do you think? hope you like it as much as I did making it for you.
these cards will be up for sale on my website shop by the end of the week so pop over and have a gander....
leave a comment in the box below lol

Im back on twitter so please join me there click the follow me at the top Im also now on pinterest so pop over there too you will find me on my pinterest

see you tomoz folks
ttfn folks xxxx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Any one remember the show heart 2 heart ???

Ok so im showing my age today lol in remembering heart two heart with Stephanie Powers and Robert Wagner and for the life of me I cant remember the dogs name lol
how sad is that when he was the star of the show? anyone remember ? let me know lol
so this card is for the dog that I cant remember the name of lol

I love this card, and yes im loving the dies too lol 

This was the first card I made using the spellbinders D-lites dies. I fell in love as soon as I see the heart its called vines of passion and its beautiful.
and I hope I am show casing them as they deserve to be .... the heart of the show. 
I see a similar design on Sue Wilson's  blog  particraft  scroll down to SATURDAY, 16 MARCH 2013 
and you will see her beautiful card using these dies plus you will see other beautiful cards she designs. she is one talented lady, a true american gem as I called her. 
ok I will stop plugging Sue and get on with my card  lol.

blank card as usual then I went for white card stock and cut to size, I used the garden delights embossing folder and ran the white card through the grand calibur. another favourite of mine, I then grabbed some shimmer red card and cut that down now I wanted the embossed paper to show more than usual so I measured an inch around so then I knew how big my red card needed to be. Cut it to size and mounted using foam pads onto my embossed card.
i then grabbed my white card again and cut that down. this time I used the double heart embossing folder. I mounted that on to my red shimmer card again using foam pads.

Blew this right up so you can see the embossing.
I cut my hearts out using the same red shimmer card stock and you can see in the picture I inter linked them together so they would fit on my white background which they did ...just!

next step was to glue them together and then on to my card. this time I added pearl gems to the heart . I think they gave a softer finish than the gems from yesterday.

next was the adorable petite tags, I used the other shape this time. I cut out my white card using die cutting machine and then I needed a slightly bigger size as a matt but I had used the biggest petite label. So what I did was on my red card that I had left I placed the biggest die I had used and drew around it on the outside edge I then carefully cut it out using scissors. ha I had made another sized petite label. 

That's what I love about spellbinders when you get the packets of the basic shapes if you think about it you always get double bubble. as you can draw around any die and make it bigger giving you another die size.... clever!!!
anyway I put the die back over my white card label as I thought the white needed something on it . I grabbed my Victorian velvet distress ink and blended slightly over the die to give a hint. lifted my die of and hey presto!!

using foam pads I mounted my sentiment on the corner.
last thing to do was?????........... faux pearls
I added them on the red shimmer card and a few on my white background card. you can just about see that in the above picture.
Job done!

and guess what I remembered the dogs name lol Freeway ! so pooch this card is for you lol

now as I remembered that I still have a question for you ... what was the old boys name who always looked after freeway ?

that will bug me now till I know lol

So thats it for today, answers on a postcard please lol

take care folks 
see you tomorrow with another new D-lite card 

Ttfn xxx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Im working out pintrest lol

Check out my pins on Pinterest:

Tuesday is full of love !!!

You guessed it , My new D-lite spellbinders have arrived. I was so excited to get going with them as soon as.
After much delegation as there are so many gorgeous ones I went for the heart first to spread some love among us all.

Now the front red card was purposely cut like this from another card I made first .....see thinking ahead!!!! which in fact does make a change for me.... did it hurt yes like mad lol
but im trying to be organised for a change.
so there you go a leopard can change its spots lol

anyway now were are away with Easter for another year and we are on downer from all the choccie we ate I thought "spread the love" which is why your seeing this card

Its a really quick and simple one to make and if you don't have the second range of D-lites you can do any style of die you have/ I was thinking back to the sewing ones and I think the tailors dummy would be good to do like this too. so the possibilities are endless.

back to the card. blank card to start you can use any size up to you, then I found some red mirri card from Christmas, I have been digging deep! it has stars all over it hopefully your see that in the picture below
measured the card and using a tape pen stuck it to my blank card, now as I said earlier I had cut a heart out of the red shimmer card so i was just left with the aperture in this card. I rounded my edges of using a corner trimmer and mounted foam on the back as i wanted this card raised,

I then got my heart again and cut it out on gold card stock.I glued the back of the heart and stuck it flat on my mirri card.
Then I added a few gems to the heart. In looking at the picture you can see the raised effect I was after.

then the rest is even more simple, I cut two strips of gold card and two thinner strips of the red card and and made a straight border down the left side and across the bottom, again I mounted these on foam as again I wanted a raised effect.

My other brilliant D-lites set is the petite labels they are adorable. so with that I stamped my sentiment on gold card and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder,
I love these dinky labels they are perfect I liked this shape as it sort of resembles a banner which was the effect I was after. I don't think you can see it on the picture but I kind of bent the sentiment in the middle to raise it a bit. I stuck 2 very small pieces of foam at the very ends of the label kinked it and stuck it on to the banner.
seeing stars on the red mirri card?

to finish the card off I added the same gems that I use on the heart in each corner of my card.
the i couldn't resist adding a line of faux pearls down each side of my borders.
and that was it....simples!!!

To make the faux pearls I use cosmic shimmer pearl glue, you can get it in all sorts of colours including  clear, I use a lot of this glue on all my projects because it dries clear and in quick time.
colours i have use before to do faux pearls are black pink, blue, brown, gold, silver and bronze and I think they have more colours but I haven't used them .

so that todays card I hope you like as much as I did making it
tomorrow I will show you the first card I made using the heart die.
I will be spreading the love this week lol.....

so that's it folks please leave a comment let me know if you like the work I do on making my cards, I know my style doesn't suit everyone but if we all liked the same thing life would be so boring!! but its still nice to know that you visit the blog and are interested in what I do....

pop over to the shop the new categories a craft shop is up as well as sub headings... wont be long now for all the goodies to arrive there this space and remember when the shop opens so does blog candy on here  ... exciting!!!!

so see you all Wednesday
Ttfn xxx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Well its a new week and a new month Happy April fools day!!!

So what did you get up to over the weekend ? I hope you all had a lovely time and I hope your not feeling too choclated ( new word lol) out !

So are you all excited about the candy blog ? I know I am its always nice to give something back to your followers as a thank you .

Now this card is very pink!

I Have used a spellbinders Impressionabilities for the back ground on this, and I will tell you how I did it. 
first of all blank card, then I measured my black card so I could add a few more than usual faux pearls down the side I just added them randomly. Set aside to dry while I got on with the rest of the card.
I don't use the impressionabilites that much so I thought I would give it a go.
I ran it through the grand calibur got the impression on the card then while it was still taped to the card I took my Victorian velvet distress ink and blending tool and went over all the card. I wasn't happy with such a dull look so again while taped to the card I went over the stencil again but this time with my perfect medium clear pad. took off the stencil and while still wet shook clear embossing powder over the whole page. shook excess of the dried it with my heat gun.
that's better it had a sheen to it now
which you can see in this picture.
I then took the large standard circle die from the spellbinders range and the largest circle from my splendid circles cut and embossed both my matt was done using holographic silver card (which I love) and the splendid circle cut from black card stock.
I then cut and embossed my butterfly again in silver holographic card stock love the shimmer of different colours this card gives off. See picture 

I then added that to my circles. found some nice silver peel offs one with just a note sentiment so I placed that in my black circle and the other were yes you guessed butterflies 
before putting the butterfly peel offs on the card I wanted them risen so I stuck them on card stock and cut around them so I could shape them. A bit fiddly but I got there . shaped them and placed them on the card. When I use butterflies I like to add a trail from them and on this occasion I added black pearl swirls.
Last but no means least i added three black gems to the top left and bottom right just to finish the card off.
I am so in to butterflies at the moment I cant stop using them.
I think my daughters will have to hide them from me so I can use something else lol
I was going to start using my new D-Lites spellbinders but im still waiting for them boohoo 
hopefully they will turn up now that Easter is over and done with....

so that's it for today hope you have a lovely time what ever you have planned see you tomorrow for yes another card..

Ttfn xx

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