Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Day new blog! and we have sun!!!!!

ok your are properly thinking weres the blog gone!! well this is it! you havent gone wrong this is the new taylormadecards blog and i hope its a hit

you will see a few changes
i have a translate button now for those that do not read English, and i have a follow by email link too
i now have the same header as my shop so know you will know your visiting the right place and the colours have changed a bit,
pink was getting a bit much so decided on blue,

hope you find the blog easier to navigate around now,

i showed you some of the new highland range yesterday and they are now for sale at the shop so feel free to pop across and have a look,

please excuse me today but there is no card to show at the minute  as i have been busy cooking and sorting things out as its my sons 20th today but there will be one a bit later on today
i just wanted to make sure you knew you were all at the right blog before doing anything else

i will see you all a bit later so have a lovely day the sun is shining here so im now off to have a cuppa in the heat !!! before the son arrives lol

see you later folks take care

ttfn xxxx



Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Moving away from the norm today

today is a few simple themed cards, as i live in the highlands yes you guessed they will be scottish themed,

im not putting up instructions as i think you can see how they were all made, but if you do want to know anything then please get in touch

so a blog of pictures today

isnt she cute !

card two

can you hear the bagpipes?

 card 3

Who's shouting birdie????

all cards can be purchased at  The shop

hope you liked the cards more highlands/Scottish themed ones to come !!!

thats it for today folks 


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lovely people getting in touch!!

I have had a few people contact me regarding me finishing the blog,
and i have came across that people do read the blog, but they are not sure on how to follow or comment,

so with that i will put up a few instructions on how to and as im not very computer literate, im hoping this will work for you all,

look at the blog, now as your at the top you will see to the right there are my followers with there pictures etc,
now just above all the peeps there is a button with a G sign saying follow this site,
once clicked it will open a box which asks sign in using an account already made or at the bottom it says create account,
so you do which ever one you have either sign up or login, follower the prompts and hey presto you are now following you will see your icon on my followers list.

So thats how to follow a blog...

now to comment on a blog you will need to be signed in,

At the end of that days post, you will see the word comment which is underlined click that and you will be able to leave a comment or a question but as i have said you will need to be signed in,

you will also see at the bottom of that days post some little icons you may recognise some M for email this blog to whom you wish, B for blog this blog T for share this blog on twitter, F for share on facebook G+1 which is share on google, now again for any of these to work you must have either a g mail account,twitter facebook or google account . then you can send this blog or any other blog your reading to anyone or anywhere,

its not hard starting a google account you just follow the instructions and prompts, if i have missed anything out which i properly have please feel free to comment in the box so peeps signing up or follow can see,

i hope this helps the folks that do look at the blogs and i hope to see you all following soon, and remember if you are following and leave a comment then there is blog candy to be won, you will find blog candy on a lot of blogs not just mine, we do it one to say thank you for following and secondly to get followers so its worth signing up if you haven't already!!!

This card is to say thank you to everyone that contacted me and who have followed me

hope you all like it.

Thats it for today folks 
take care have fun in what ever your doing 
see you tomoz
ttfn xxx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Wedding card

Good morning , I thought I would put this quickie wedding card up today.
I stamped a nice church scene stamp and embossed it with clear embossing powder, I then mounted it on gold card stock, I wrapped a peice of ribbon round the bottom made bow, I had some wedding peel off so using the doves placed to each side of my sentiment added congratulations on ur wedding day again using peel off and placed two border peel off down each side, I cut my sentiment using a spellbinder ,i used antique linen distress ink around the whole card on my sentiment and around my stamped picture ,added a few pearl gems to the card to finish off, I was fairly happy with the end card.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spring cleaning the spellbinders

Good afternoon peeps, ok no card today as i have been busy organising my craft room, and what a job, 
I have so many spellbinders i needed to organise them in such a way i could see what i have and haven't got, and to be on hand quickly and easily with out having to rummage through file boxes, magnetic sheets etc looking for what i want.

so with that i took a hammer and some nails as you do on a Wednesday afternoon!! and started with my idea.
after some hundred nails later i started hanging my spellbinders up

the result is evident, i can now see how much i have spent! not always a good thing lol but most importantly i can see what i have and grab it easily without having to search for hours on end
my only problem is now 
I am running out of wall space and still have lots to put up....

I have also made a ribbon hanger 
this was done by using two wardrobe hanging brackets (see ends)
and an old piece of cooper pipe between them. cheap and simple and it works lol  

so that's what i am up to today spring cleaning my craft room, it so small im having to maximise all the space in it
my husband calls it a airing cupboard its that small but
as long as i can sit at my desk and craft  with no distractions then im one happy bunny!!!!

tell me your space saving ideas when it comes to crafting i would love to know and maybe it will inspire other folks to use your ideas,

see you soon folks
ttfn xxx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Uncertain whether to carry on!!!!

morning all,

after a few days of mulling this over im not certain i want to keep the blog going,

i seem to sit here posting blogs and cards and with no feedback. and no new followers,

am i wasting my time when i can be creating and carrying on doing my online shop putting more effort into that than this?

i keep looking at the blog statistics and they really are not hitting what i would have liked....


im asking what am i doing wrong ? even the blog candy isnt really making anyone comment or join,

i am open to any ideas !!!!

i was on twitter advertising the blog to no avail,
i advertise the blog everywhere but still no joy,

if im to shut the blog done it will be done by the end of may,

so any suggestions by then would be gratefully received....

ttfn xx

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