Monday, 8 April 2013

Shop Update!!!

Items for the online Shop could be here by the end of the week. woohoo, so blog candy will start as soon as item are for sale. I will let you know when that is.

Ok no card today as im just about to go to hospital. Nothing serious lol if you read the blog you will know i trapped my nerve nearly two years ago and have been having trouble since.
so now after a mri scan the surgeon has decided that i will need op as the root to the C7 nerve is gone,
so im off to seen the neurosurgeon today, to find out about the op and to see when it will be!!! exciting!! im not sure whether i would call it that but we will see.

so thats it for today i will give you all a chance to catch up on the blog past posts have a nose around the my poll...
join me!
and pop over to the shop as new cards are now for sale.

take care see you all tomorrow

TTfn xxx

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