Thursday, 14 June 2012

Getting there slowly and only few days of CRAFTfest left so hurry over !!!

I have nearly finished painting my new craft room, but my poor cockatoo (Oscar) really hasn't a clue what's going on, his been moved all around the room bless him .here he is sitting on my hand,im not sure he is liking the new colour scheme lol It maybe a bit bright for him its green lol

anyway I shall be up and creating new cards hopefully from Monday and to be honest I cant wait. I have a commission card to prep for a Golden wedding anniversary that im really looking forward to doing, as its a rather special occasion 50 years married is a great achievement for anyone and I feel honoured to have been asked to do this, so needless to say it will be a rather lovely card,  and I need to put more new cards on the website as im getting a bit bored of looking at the same ones day in day out,
The cards im looking to do are more anniversary,few more Christmas cards and few themed cards like 50th, 30th etc a mum, dad,, brother, sister card and few wedding ones , just to show everyone that I can adapt to anything as most of the cards on site are non generic and I think people are put off by that so I thought if I showed themed cards then you have a better idea of what I do, well that's the plan.
I will also be sorting out the categories making them more specific to the cards I make. tidying up the site if you like,
Its all a bit higgledy piggledy at the moment as I wanted to get the site up and running as quick as, which wasn't the best idea in the world as now I have a huge process of tidying up. so over the next few weeks hopefully you will see a huge difference.
My new saying is new craft room a new organised me, my hubby was laughing too when I said that lol
the new organised me will be hopefully making one card a day (they do take ages to do) updating website on a Monday and Friday, Blogging more Hopefully now blogger is sorted i can do more cards on here. hopefully on a daily basis. fingers crossed, It may take a few weeks to get organised fully to adapt my times etc but by July I will be sorted ( I do give myself no time to do anything, do I?)

so please stay with me to see the new me arrive with a bang on Monday lol
take care folks

and dont forget only a few days left of the CRAFTfest so please please please make sure you pop along and support all the wonderful crafters who have stalls there
you will find them all at

and look out for me under the cards category 

well ttfn folks see ya soon xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

CRAFTfest is well under way!!!

well the CRAFTfest is well under way and I have been looking at everyone's stalls, and I must say I love them all,
 I even like looking at the other fellow card maker's, not to steal ideas but just to see how different everyone's style is, its interesting to know that the card stalls that are featuring at the Craftfest are all completely different from each other, which is a good selling point for everyone there,

Im not putting a card up today due to my craft room has been packed up (shock horror)
no I had a plan and it worked lol
I needed more room so I made as much mess as I could (hubby has ocd) lol well he see the room had heart failure and made the gesture of saying I need more space so I can tidy up (perfect) next sentence was
well dear I could tidy up if my room wasn't so cluttered and if I had more cupboard space and then all would be good, well with that he took his tape measure out measured the room decided how many kitchen cupboards would fit in and then asked which colour worktop I would like with that look of looking shocked that he has offered me my new craft room I said well dear just get me the cheapest worktop it doesn't need to be expensive, I was jumping for joy behind his back lol.
so today I have been painting the room ready for my new units which are coming on friday wooohooo the room colour is lime green not all just 2 walls so the next picture on here will be of my nice new craft room at last !!!

so to keep you all busy pop over to the craftfest have a nose at all the stalls and support us by mentioning the craft fest on twitter/facebook and where ever else you know
paste this link on everything get the word around please

so thats it for now ttfn folks xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

CRAFTfest is here!!!

Ok im will be putting up a card today but its going to be one thats appearing in the CRAFTfest market, this is a huge event that's happening online,
its a week long event ,in which most of us crafters have a stall,
Its called CRAFTfest,
please support us by popping over ,having a look and if you see something you really like buy it ....

over at the CRAFTfest you will see things for the home, soap, jewellery,greeting cards, things for weddings,baby and child,health and beauty,fashion, art and supply's

its well worth a visit!!!
this is one of my cards you will find over one my stall, its under the cards category,

please do pop over have a look and support the small business,s that have spent hours putting there stalls together, for everyone to enjoy, You never know you may just find that perfect gift/card you have been searching for ,

happy hunting folks !!! hope you find something you like,

ttfn xxxx

Monday, 4 June 2012

Queens birthday!!!

Ok with the jubilee in full swing and the Queens Birthday today , its time for another card, I have again kept with the theme of the weekend

I started with a blank shaped card, I used Tim Holtz tape for the back ground this was travel tape, then got a red marker pen and outlined the edge.
then i found a postcard style piece of paper, I added that at a jaunty angle then found 4 blue buttons for corners on the top two buttons I got a piece of twine from one button to the next so making a washing line, i then cut out and made some bunting from union jack paper red white and blue,
found some mini pegs to peg up my bunting I stamped on each piece of bunting a letter spelling out London 
I then added a piece of union jack card slightly straighter on my postcard paper
I purchased some GB ribbon a while back and added that to the bottom with a GB bow
I then stamped a sentiment on card and using my spellbinders stamp die I cut that out backed it with black card and used antique linen distress ink over my sentiment 
Overall I was happy with the way this card came out, as with any card I never know were it will end, I never set out to do a style I make a lot up as I go along, chopping and changing on the way, I have been known to spend in total 3 hours on one card but that's because im so fussy, 
I am sure the queen would have loved to get this card in the post !!!

I hope all you like the card let me know your views leave a comment on here so everyone can see what you think
good or bad honesty is the best policy!!!

and remember you can always shop online at my shop 
I am open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, If you don't see what you like then give me a buzz I custom make cards for you and your needs too!!!!!
take care all have a great day folks 

ttfn  xxx

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