Thursday, 4 April 2013

A new Follower!

good morning everyone and a special hello to my new follower Stephanie,

I have been trying to publicise the blog over late to try and get new followers so hopefully more will come,
My aim is to try and post a new card every day, so far so good!

Im also trying to keep people coming back everyday by offering the blog candy, ok its not started yet but as soon as the stock arrives for the shop then candy will roll.

There are so many blogs out there to do with cards, crafts , scrapbooking etc its a long haul keeping up, but what I have noticed is not every blog site is updated, like mine before Christmas last blog was October now if your not a daily blogger then there is no need to revisit that blog again as old news is boring lol so that's my challenge for myself this year new card everyday to keep folks coming back to me.
My next challenge is to get my followers to leave a comment. hopefully when the candy starts so will that!
I have been sitting here everyday writing this blog and it would be nice if someone if not a few of you would leave comments, just to let me know you are reading it for starters,
I dont mind good comments or bad, I cant please everyone in the cards I make.

Even if you have a question I will try and answer it. There are lots of new card crafters out there that don't know were to start, I will offer advise if you need it.

So come on folks don't be shy, leave a comment,  the more comments I get when the blog candy starts then I will be winging prizes away left right and centre lol

also you will notice a poll on the blog now this is just to see how many of you have spellbinders and how many I have over 50 packets I stopped counting last year lol but it would be good to know if spellbinder fans are looking at my blog so go on do the poll we may be surprised by how man use them.

The reason my stock is taking so long to get here is one its been Easter and two I have ordered direct from America, which takes 15/30 days for delivery so it could arrive this week or in the next few weeks. I will keep you all up to date on that.

Again im using my new spellbinders D-lite range, Im loving this second range and there are a lot of dies which can be used as a focal point like the Gates here, or the vase, and  flowers, etc . I think spellbinders have created a really special set with these,
This gate is really ornate the detail in it is superb, This card could be wedding christening moving home, silver anniversary. but I decided it was a birthday card.
Blank card to start.
measured my milk card and taped that down, I then took some silver card and ran it through the die cutting machine to emboss it using Couture Creations Constellation embossing folder. I then mounted that on my milk card stock and while i was doing the rest of the card i did my faux pearls so they had time to dry,
Then while that was drying i cut out my romantic rectangle largest size and embossed it mounted that on my silver card stock.
Now for the gates which is called Giled gate two .
But first a tip!
buy some wax paper. this helps with these intricate dies to release the card stock from the die. so you dont struggle. the sandwich is the same with your boards you just add the wax paper to the die first (Cutting side)   then your card stock, I have never had a die fall out so easy since using wax paper you can get it on eBay or Amazon.

Cut-Rite Wax Paper is the one I use.

now I did cut this die twice one on silver card stock and again on my milk card stock. I used the white one as my main die cut then I cut off bits of the silver one and over laid them on the white to give a two tone metal effect.
once I was happy with that design i glued it down onto my romantic rectangle die. I then just added a few pearl gems to the gates and stuck a happy birthday sentiment in the corner just to finish.
A simple but stylish card.
what do you think? hope you like it as much as I did making it for you.
these cards will be up for sale on my website shop by the end of the week so pop over and have a gander....
leave a comment in the box below lol

Im back on twitter so please join me there click the follow me at the top Im also now on pinterest so pop over there too you will find me on my pinterest

see you tomoz folks
ttfn folks xxxx

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