Sunday, 7 April 2013

a day of chance!!! so a short and sweet blog today, busy busy busy!!!!

I like this card its so simple but effective. I chose this card as I just found out my nephew and his partner are having another baby. He has a little boy who will be one in may and she has just found out she pregnant again. so it a cause for celebration.

blank card to start gold card taped on to blank card,faux pearls around edge and left to dry.

milk card and black card matted together and edges rounded off.
5 gems added on to black card.
found a die which had hole in it (cant find the packet so will tell you the name of it tomorrow unless anybody else knows . anyway i cut two of the squares out and added through the holes a banner which i stamped lets celebrate onto. i added a bow to finish.
it really was that easy.
i have heaps to do today so not a huge blog but have a look around the blog. visit my shop have a nose at my twitter, pop over to pinterest have a gander there.
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see lots to do here. while i am not

have a nice day
see you tomorrow folks
ttfn xxxx

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