Thursday, 26 April 2012

Toilet paper card???

Good morning to you all, as you can see I have now started to build up my blog, its now hopefully starting to look more like a blog.
today's card I am going to give you a technique using toilet paper but when its finished it does not resemble toilet paper at all but an expensive homemade paper,
I can hear you all saying bog roll????
but believe me its a great technique which once you have done you will adapt it in so many ways,
so now to show you the card.

 so now your saying well were is the toilet paper?
well I will tell you
break off about 6/7 squares of toilet and layer them on top of each can half them to layer them or leave full.
once you have your toilet roll layered we now want to dampen it down, now at this stage we can add mica powder or distress inks.
so using a fine mister, spray the paper till it is wet all through (do not soak it) now once damp you will need a embossing folder i have pick a world map one, layer your damp paper onto the folder and roll through your die cutting machine as you would to emboss any paper ( you will get some moisture) so place the machine on a towel) (do not do this if you have an electric one)
run the paper through a few open your folder and before moving it go around the edge to tidy up I usually use my finger just gently breaking the rough edges away.
once done you must now leave this to dry,I usually gently pull away from the folder and place the paper on a radiator, I wont take long to dry,once dried you can do what you want to it. I have rubbed my distress inks over it to give a rustic look, like maybe a old treasure map,
when it has dried and you have distressed it I don't think it looks like toilet paper at all, i even fooled my husband.
to the card now you have done the messy stuff, started with a blank card and rubbed distress ink around the edge. I used a lighter backing paper and added that on not central, i then took a swirl stamp and stamped around the edges added some ribbon and tied a knot in it,
i then added my toilet paper at angle, I stamped a sentiment and distress it with ink i tore around the edge to give a old look then i ultra embossed it to give a shine,
I added my twine and wood chip decors around the edge randomly to finish.
i ultra thick embossed my wood chip pieces too to add shine.
so that's it you might have thought what would she do with some toilet roll but i hope i have given a idea on how to make your own papers, i use this method quiet often and i think its great you don't have to use your expensive bog roll just the cheapest you can will work on any,
you can also make you own paper using all your scrap pieces in your crafty bin, but that's a another technique for another day..
ok I hope you have lots of fun creating this card, would love to know your views so please leave a comment
or a question,

Thats it for today folks, so goodbye till tomorrow

ttfn xx

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