Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday already!!!

omg cannot believe the week has flown by, just when i thought i had caught up with everything wallop another things lands ...
anyway i thought first thing first a blog update, @workymum had won the card and i waiting to hear from her to see if it arrived safely hoping it did!
hoping she will pop to the website to leave some feedback or here...
would be nice to hear what she says.
we have had mixed weather this week 4 seasons in one day but yesterday was lovely and my son had started to paint the outside of my house, he said the house looks bigger now that  he started and now wishes he hadn't, but he cant stop now...
 only 3 and half wall to go lol
anyway another card i think is due so this is the one I have picked today

its a blokey card so would suit Birthday/Fathers day etc..
and you will be happy to know no spellbinders were used in the making of this card. as I know a lot of people don't have a die cutting machine ( it is a must to get a grand caliba or cuttle bug) so I thought to be fair to them I would put a card up everyone can do,

as always I started with a blank card found some steam punk paper in my stash, I cut out all the dials from this paper, and the numerals, I then found another paper with smaller cogs/dials on it and used that for half the backing,
the bottom piece is not paper or card, its a tape, if you happen to know a kitchen/bathroom fitter they will get this tape to edge worktops, the tape is quiet stiff and comes in many variations this one I have used is beech effect, its very sticky and fixes well, then i stamped out sentiment, which reads " men are only as great as they are kind"
I placed the layout I wanted on the card again before I stuck anything down, once happy I used 3D foam as I wanted depth to the card,I went round the edges with a distress ink and finished off with cosmic glue pearls in gold
I think it is a nice card for a man as they are often very hard to make for, its usually sport, car related cards you find, so doing something a bit different for them is nice,

again any questions remarks comments etc please feel free to leave.
and tomorrow I will be back to a spell binder card

I am forever updating the website so make sure you pop over and take a look, also i am on twitter!/cardstaylormade so feel free to follow me there as I do hold competitions to win a card of your choice from my website.

feel free to like us, join the group and become a member, tweet us , the more the merrier
don't think there is anything else to update you on 
just that is is Fathers day in June so get your cards early to avoid disappointment and all my cards shown on here are available to purchase on my website which has a manager picks sale on and 10% off till end of April.

okies take care folks a ttfn xxx

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