Friday, 20 April 2012

Packing my bags!!!

Thank you myth for your comment yesterday,
 I agree it could be used for male/female in adding the right sentiment, and maybe slightly lightening the colour, I think cards these days are to formalised and if you look in a card shop you can instantly tell the men section from the girls but sometime girls don't want flowers or teddy bears on their cards, and something different is always nice, when I used to buy cards I would always choose the sentiment/verse first then look at the outside and more often than not the sentiment would be lovely and the card very twee,
today's cards are getting their but they have not quiet made it... I prefer hand made cards to the shop brought, because I think we understand there are men and ladies that want something different and we as crafters can do that,
I think we have a better range now with steam punk papers, Gothics papers etc that we can really play with, for male or female cards....
would be nice to see what everyones views are on shop brought design to hand crafted designs... and do you think us crafters can offer more choice than a shop?
leave your views on the comments...

Today I am packing for my little trip tomorrow, flying from Scotland to London picking a car up,driving to Northampton-shire seeing my mum in law, travelling back to Scotland Sunday I looking forward to this? no is the answer lol its a long old drive it takes me 9 hours, so I may get back home early evening Sunday well that's the plan, considering I have looked at weather forecast around the counties I am  travelling through, and will have to contend with rain wind snow should be fun (not)
so there will be no blog now until Monday...

and if any thing exciting happens I will let you know....

Now back to cards
Today's choice is another card for a male, keeping the theme going as its Father's day in June,
its a simple card,and really its only the sentiment that makes it for a male so in changing that again could easily be for couple or female,
startered with a blank DL card
I used the linen distress ink around the edge I cut a piece of cream coloured card and then ran the card through the grand caliba with m-bossibility folder found a nice piece of black/grey card wrapped that around the embossed piece and stuck it down added a black bow with a gem,
stamped a nice sentiment reading " he didn't tell me how to live he lived and let me watch him do it"
cut it out using one of the small romantic rectangle dies rubbed distress ink (linen) around the edge and stuck it on using foam pads adding depth to the card,

its a very quick and simple card, and again as I have said changing the sentiment it can be for anyone or any occasion,

This card is on my site for sale so nip over as there are lots to choose from, manager picks sale is still on so 10% off and free delivery..

So that's it folks for today....I hope you like the card,please leave a comment good or bad nice to get view from everyone.
see you all Monday
ttfn xx
we also stock cards on etsy so take a look

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