Monday, 23 April 2012

Home safe and sound!!!

Well I am back, We decided to buy a car from Enfield, London, which may seem ok to the every day folk , The only difference is we live in Sutherland very North East Scotland. so I volunteered to collect it, which I don't mind as I like the south lol.
Got to inverness airport on Saturday, ready for flight all was so good,the flight was brilliant as you can see from my twitter picture stunning blue skies got to Gatwick, met who was meeting me and then got on the M25 omg!!! there was traffic lol being in Scotland the biggest traffic jam I have seen is 2 cars lol I forgot how hectic it was, I hated it, I was already dreaming of home lol.any way got the car which I must say was very nice lol little MG sport thingy lol I only drive the cars don't except me to know exactly what they are I am female lol
visited my old local pub (shocked everyone) then went ofF to my mother in laws for sleeps...
Set out at 9am for my 6 hundred and something journey back home.
All was going so well until I got on M74 boo my car had no accelerator nothing no power stuck in lane 2 great fun, hazards went on got to the hard shoulder, rung hubby and swiftly said ring AA, I have conked out lol
The AA rung me within 5 mins to confirm were I was and said patrol would be 45 mins as she said that I said I think they will be a bit quicker his here now, now that is service ,
He looked at engine see a HT lead had broke replaced it and within 20 mins of breaking down I was off again, Thank god for the AA they are very nice men lol.
I safely arrived back home at 5 past 9pm. after quiet a few stops as my daughter needed a wee every 10 mins lol.
so feeling pretty shattered today, needing lots of coffee to get motivated,
but all in all it was a great journey there and back and I must say the owners of the car bev and lincoln were very nice and I must thank them for the hospitality they showed me and my daughter, they couldn't have been more accommodating,
I will be sending them a card lol,

Which brings me to today's one, this is a thank you card
again this is a very simple card started with a blank white base card, found some green paper to cover the white, used a corner punch for two decorative corners, added sparkly ribbon with bow.
I then cut out a label using the die cutting machine, inked around the edge with a green distress ink, added my favorite faux (glue) cosmic pearls, stamped thank you, and in my stash I had some wooden pieces I just inked them added a few gems to make them sparkle and that was it, a 20 min card done,

simple quick and easy,

Any questions or comments please leave them, I am happy to get positive and negative feedback. Its always nice to hear your views.
anyway pop over to if your needing a special occasion card, there are loads on site, if you don't see what you like then contact me i do, do bespoke design too.
In need of more coffee now so I will see you all later,

take care folks
ttfn xx

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