Monday, 31 March 2014

to do to do to do........boxed cards

i hope everyone had a lovely mothers day,

two cards today along the same lines just slightly different styles,

On Saturday while is was getting ready for the craft fair packaging, pricing etc i got distracted and starting  playing again with the air dry clay as you do, my husband thought this highly amusing as he knows i would rather be crafting then doing boring stuff like being organised, we have all been there!!!
so i made a few more embellishments for cards, but in paler colours using my air dry clay.
then after a few hours of playing, i decided  i had to sort out one of the craft draws as it was a bit of a mess, again as i was doing that and i got distracted yet again,
i had found some acetate domes which then got my mind off tiding the draw and on to crafting again.
i hadn't used these for years so i was sitting there deciding now what to do with them.
the husband by this time had given up on the idea that i was tidying my room out and just went off and watched football.

I then thought  wow i know i havent made a boxed card for years ill do a few for the craft fair.

so off i went in to the crafty world i live in and started playing

and these are what i come up with. 

 loved the colours on this, very springtime and a great Easter card ,
 as you can see i have used the dome to protect my air dry clay embellishments
you dont always have to put a happy birthday or a best wishes sentiment on a card some times just a simple word makes the card.

 this is the box i made for the pale yellow card

 again using my air dry clay i have made a rather exotic bird using brown and red marbled together rather then fully mixing them
 not sure whether your seeing the true colour on these photos but this was a pale blue and black card
with these embellishments i glazed them after they had dried then sprinkle a bit of glitter over them, in all my flowers i have added a diamond gem to the centre as it wouldnt be a card without a bit of bling
 as this picture shows its the box to match the card.
same colours

if anyone would like to know the contents of what i have used please ask, and i will gladly tell you, if you would like to know about how to make the boxes again ask and i will tell you. they are so easy to make i think both boxes took me less then ten minutes to make up in total. and all you need for each box is 2 a4 pieces of card.

hope you like the cards and that i have inspired you to try them out . Im glad i came across my domes as i think they not only make the card a bit more dimensional but add a touch of class too, and yes i even used my spellbinders again  woop woop!!!

please feel free to leave a comment i would love to hear what you think, and any question please feel free to ask.

thanks again see you soon
ttfn xxx
all cards are for sale at the shop
althrough the new cards inc these wont go on till after the 12th april after the craft fair so if you do see something you like then please contact me through the blog
these boxed cards are £9.99 each.

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