Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Im Back!!!!

well hello everyone,what a year i have had.

since i see you all last i stopped making cards, and selling them. and i also stopped my blog.

if you had been reading my blogs i had to have an op, it was for a ruptured disc in my neck. i had been suffering from a trapped nerve for 3 yrs prior to this and they finally operated on me.
after the op i couldn't do anything. and i mean anything how boring live was ,i wasn't aloud to hoover. pick up things. wash up. load the washing machine. nothing!!!
they even said a kettle was to heavy for me to lift!!!! what no coffee....... omg!!

so for 6 weeks i was laid up not being allowed to do anything. then the physio started ,

moving onto today....

has the op made a difference...only to were the pain is now
i suffer a lot of headaches and pain in the right side of my neck now,
the doc says that quiet normal for up to a still 5 months to go...

anyway i decided i cant sit around doing nothing all day any more so with my support chair im getting back in to card making/crafting.

now i wont be posting everyday because that wont be good for me and i don't want to disappoint anyone who will except that but i will try and do at least one card a week,

im also doing my first ever craft fair in April  which im really looking forward to.
when i have finalised the details i will post it here. all i can tell you at the moment is it will be in Nairn just outside inverness in Scotland. i need to confirm the date but i think of the top of my head its the 12th April. so hopefully i may see you there?

also i will be getting the website for purchase any of my cards back up and running within the next week or so so look out for that.

i will post all updates on here so stay tuned.

that's it for now folks its great to be back, looking forward to sharing my creations once again with you all

take card and
ttfn x

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