Saturday, 14 June 2014

On Meeting Neil Oliver from Coast haha it wasnt it was Ross Noble DOH!!!

2 weeks have flown by and what an exciting 2 weeks i have had. it started when a semi feral cat that lives in our garden had kittens.

 this is them a few days old

she had three and all three and getting big and strong the third one was feeding when i took these pics

 all three feeding
                                       the smallest a boy i have named rambo

                             these will all be ready for their new homes come late august.

now our next excitement was meeting ross noble (comedian) not the bloke from coast who i did actually think it was lol  
Its my age lol 
anyway he was in our village doing a show called freewheeling to be shown next yr jan time i think.
the show is based on tweets from the general public on where Ross should turn up or go and do and someone had tweeted him saying come to Helmsdale to see the la mirage chippy 
my kids went and asked for photos which he obliged without a second thought ,he was a really genuine bloke. here are two photos  one of the girls with him and one of me with him 
top bloke!!

Ross with Lucy on the left and Sydney on the right

                                                      Ross with me.

so thats it for now i was going to show you how the gardens getting on but i think this post would be so long today if i did that so the garden will be next time i haven't got a card today either sorry but been to busy hoping to get back to normality very soon 

so please take care and dont forget leave a comment 
its always nice to know someones watching lol 

ttfn xxx

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