Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Long time no see ...

I know i promised to get round to blogging a bit more but i have had so much on its untrue.

firstly i have been trapping feral cats none stop, to take them to the vet to get neutered,
i have been working endlessly with the three feral kittens i brought in to make them tame therefore hoping to rehome them in the next week or two as they are ready.

i have been helping the cat protection with a lady nr me who has a feral and three kittens it took over a week to catch mum but finally got her last week,

i had my mother in law visit which was nice so we were out and about,

and to top if off we had some bad news too,
another one of the feral cats had given birth not near us so we struggled to find the kittens. anyway few weeks back mum brought them to us  two of the most fluffy black and white ones. (See pic) anyway we were handling them outside feeding etc and last Sunday a lady from our village brought one round and said she thought it had been run over as he wasn't moving much but was awake. i brought him in and under quick examination i phoned the vets and rushed him down there, unfortunately the poor mite didn't make it he had a shattered pelvis the vets are good but they couldn't fix this. so we lost him,
we then took the decision to catch the other little one and bring her in to rear her which is again what we have been doing,
the back one is the one we lost,

she is coming on heaps and bounds and will be ready to rehome on the 1st sept,
so as you can see i haven't had time to craft blog or visit blogs. its just been mental.

i am also selling some of my spellbinder dies, so in the next week or so i will post some on here and if your interested then just email me. i will put as many photos as i can but i will mainly list them. they wont be dear and alot are unused. i was going to put them on ebay but seems to be a lot a faffing around and i haven't got time to list them all on there.

im not giving crafting up im just having a clear out removing items i don't really use that much to make room for new bits i have my eye on lol.

i also have a cricut imagine machine for sale used once to heavy for me im looking for 150.00 ono for it comes with some cartridges to but cant name them yet as im not down stairs lol again i will put all info on in few weeks if you are looking for a particular die set or your interested in the machine leave me a message and i will get back to you. you may as well get in before anyone else lol

and if anyone is interested in a kitten they will be advertised on the cpl site with in the next few days. or again contact me
i am based in the highlands so you know.

so thats what ive been upto and although im not a cat person as i have dogs lol i have enjoyed getting close to the ferals in the village / my garden and understanding them a bit more.

all they need is a call to the cat protection,  a person to catch them via a humane trap,then take them to the vet to get neutered collect and release. they will then live happily knowing they aint going to over populate the area and become a pain. and the best thing is its free  so if you have feral cats near you then please step up and make that call.

thats it for now folks take care
ttfn xxx

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