Wednesday, 9 April 2014

LOVING THESE CARDS.....whoop whoop

good morning britain!!!! and everyone else in the world that reads my blog.

well my news today is that i gave up smoking Tuesday, so this is day two lol
i never smoked in the house anyway it was always a garden pleasure but i woke up decided  that's its no point in spending a fortune no more as they have gone up loads, went to docs on Monday got patches and gave up Tuesday. now i can treat myself lol
well this is my view don't think the husband agreed lol as i went and brought the new brother scan n cut machine. as from today im still waiting for it to get delivered. and i cant wait to see if its as good as lot are saying, i will play with it for two weeks and if it doesnt live up to my expectations it can go back. So watch this space i will write a bit about it when it arrives.

anyway todays card again is a boxed one for the show on saturday

this is an unusual wedding card, as its using black card stock

theirs a few different techniques used to make this card and i will try and remember and list what i did

firstly i embossed my embossing folder to get a letter press effect

to do this i took a spellbinders embossing folder and wiped perfect medium over it ran it through the grand calibur then sprinkled embossing powder over it and heat set it.
i did this on the risen side so i could get the debossed embossed if that makes sense lol
my second technique was using my micro beads on the cross i cut the milk card cross first covering in double sided adhesive sheet then set beads into it, then cut another cross out of blk card to make shadow behind milk card
another technique used was faux pearls using cosmic shimmer glue.
i used my clay to make embellishments flowers a bird and leaves.

in general i liked this card and i think its a bit different from the normal wedding cards you get.
i dont think black card makes it any less a wedding card.

after saturday all the cards on the blog (if not sold) will be available to purchase at my online shop
so please pop over and see if anything takes your fancy for that special person.


i will keep up all update about my giving up smoking, brother scan and cut machine the craft fair on saturday next week as from now till sunday im going to be so busy.

so see you all monday take care have fun and have a good weekend

ttfn xxx

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