Friday, 25 April 2014


ok i know this is a blog showcasing spellbinders and my cards well i thought could i combine the two using the brother scan n cut and spellbinders and the conclusion i come up with is yes you can...

i have many in fact some of you would say extreme amounts of spellbinder dies i have posted a picture of just one walls worth on here before. well the collection has grown in fact i just brought the new d-lite sets which include woodland animals, fairies, trees and twigs and what i would call corners.

out of the whole collection i would say my favarite would be the hedgehog since a young age i have been fascinated by them. anyway i thought i would do a simple card using the hedgehog die

ok so this was the card i made, i thought the hedgehog would be great for a male card

and i think it looks quiet cute,

materials used

a4 gold card for card
co ordinations orange for matt
black card for base
beige card for hedgehog and sentiment
faux pearls cosmic shimmer glue

so i started with my dad which is a preset on the scan n cut machine i cut that out
then i ran my black card stock through the cuttlebug with an embossing folding which was the simplicity one
made a flag using gold and black card stock

i cut out the hedgehog plus sentiment using the cuttlebug

when i placed them on to the card i wasnt really happy i wanted a faux nestie behind the hedgehog and sentiment now if you were doing this by hand and scissors you would not have had a perfect cut so what i did was.
i placed both dies on to my scan mat and scanned them through the scan n cut which then gave me the whole die i then got my card and placed it on to the cutting mat
i selected the whole area of the die and cut it out
on the scan n cut

now i have tried to get as close as possible with my camera to show you the cut your looking at the faux nestie behind the hedgehog cut out, the orange card !
they is no snagging no loose card nothing its a beautiful clean cut image,
as with the sentiment nestie too
i never thought a cutting machine could cut so cleanly, i have the cricut imagine and i could never get a clean cut with it. and i would never be able i a million years to cut this perfectly using scissors .

so now all of a sudden my spellbinders have grown so not only using the cut out die of each i can now create a nestie easily using any die through the brother scan n cut amazing!!!

i would love to know if you have a brother scan n cut or if your planning on buying one , if you have one already what do you do on yours i would love to hear from you especially to know what you have discovered since using the machine.

anyways please leave a comment so i know you have been and read and to generally let me know what you think

see you soon folks

ttfn xxx

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