Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Uncertain whether to carry on!!!!

morning all,

after a few days of mulling this over im not certain i want to keep the blog going,

i seem to sit here posting blogs and cards and with no feedback. and no new followers,

am i wasting my time when i can be creating and carrying on doing my online shop putting more effort into that than this?

i keep looking at the blog statistics and they really are not hitting what i would have liked....


im asking what am i doing wrong ? even the blog candy isnt really making anyone comment or join,

i am open to any ideas !!!!

i was on twitter advertising the blog to no avail,
i advertise the blog everywhere but still no joy,

if im to shut the blog done it will be done by the end of may,

so any suggestions by then would be gratefully received....

ttfn xx

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