Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spring cleaning the spellbinders

Good afternoon peeps, ok no card today as i have been busy organising my craft room, and what a job, 
I have so many spellbinders i needed to organise them in such a way i could see what i have and haven't got, and to be on hand quickly and easily with out having to rummage through file boxes, magnetic sheets etc looking for what i want.

so with that i took a hammer and some nails as you do on a Wednesday afternoon!! and started with my idea.
after some hundred nails later i started hanging my spellbinders up

the result is evident, i can now see how much i have spent! not always a good thing lol but most importantly i can see what i have and grab it easily without having to search for hours on end
my only problem is now 
I am running out of wall space and still have lots to put up....

I have also made a ribbon hanger 
this was done by using two wardrobe hanging brackets (see ends)
and an old piece of cooper pipe between them. cheap and simple and it works lol  

so that's what i am up to today spring cleaning my craft room, it so small im having to maximise all the space in it
my husband calls it a airing cupboard its that small but
as long as i can sit at my desk and craft  with no distractions then im one happy bunny!!!!

tell me your space saving ideas when it comes to crafting i would love to know and maybe it will inspire other folks to use your ideas,

see you soon folks
ttfn xxx

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