Monday, 11 June 2012

CRAFTfest is well under way!!!

well the CRAFTfest is well under way and I have been looking at everyone's stalls, and I must say I love them all,
 I even like looking at the other fellow card maker's, not to steal ideas but just to see how different everyone's style is, its interesting to know that the card stalls that are featuring at the Craftfest are all completely different from each other, which is a good selling point for everyone there,

Im not putting a card up today due to my craft room has been packed up (shock horror)
no I had a plan and it worked lol
I needed more room so I made as much mess as I could (hubby has ocd) lol well he see the room had heart failure and made the gesture of saying I need more space so I can tidy up (perfect) next sentence was
well dear I could tidy up if my room wasn't so cluttered and if I had more cupboard space and then all would be good, well with that he took his tape measure out measured the room decided how many kitchen cupboards would fit in and then asked which colour worktop I would like with that look of looking shocked that he has offered me my new craft room I said well dear just get me the cheapest worktop it doesn't need to be expensive, I was jumping for joy behind his back lol.
so today I have been painting the room ready for my new units which are coming on friday wooohooo the room colour is lime green not all just 2 walls so the next picture on here will be of my nice new craft room at last !!!

so to keep you all busy pop over to the craftfest have a nose at all the stalls and support us by mentioning the craft fest on twitter/facebook and where ever else you know
paste this link on everything get the word around please

so thats it for now ttfn folks xxx

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